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Rosendal Fjordhotel
Rosendalsvegen 46
5470 Rosendal, Norway
Phone: (47) 53 48 80 00
Fax: (47) 53 48 16 00
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Baroniet Rosendal 

Rosendal Fjordhotel is situated in the midst of culturally rich lanscape and in short walking distance from Baroniet Rosendal. Built in year 1665, it is the only barony in Norway. You can take guided tours around the manor or stroll in the 300 year old renascence garden. Baroniet Rosendal is also a vibrant museum where concerts, theatre productions, art exhibitions and lectures are being held during the summer seasons from May till September (

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Kvinnherad Church

The church from ca. 1250 is one of the oldest medieval churches in the country. It is built in stone in Roman and Gotic style. Portals and windows have beautiful steatite details and the altarpiece is from the Catholic period before the reformation. The church bells are from the 1300th and 1400th century. The church was owned by the Barony from 1678 until 1910. This is why there is a private grave chamber for the Rosenkrantz family (the first owners of the barony). Open daily except Saturdays from July till August. (Contact the barony for guided tours). 

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The Skaaluren Collection  

Kvinnherad rural district has long traditions in ship building. Many famous vessels have been built in Rosendal; one of these is Roald Amundsen's ''Gjøa'', the first vessel to transit the Northwest Passage. The Skaaluren Collection is part of the ship building museum. Here you can browse through models of wooden ships, tools, drawings and illustrations of how the ships were built. Open daily for guided tours between June and August.


Steinparken (The Stone Park)

The park was first established in connection with the opening of Folgefonna National Park in 2005. Steinparken displays some of the geological diversity of the Folgefonna Peninsula. Rolf Karlsen and Bård Breivik both had important roles in the decoration of the park. It is an excellent place for a picnic on a sunny day due to many stone tables and benches placed in the park.



Just by the entrance to Steinparken you will find Vangssago. The saw was originally placed at Vang in Rosendal and deliverd goods the the Skaaluren Ship Yard. It was in use until the 1930s.


The Rød Museum

The old farm at Rød is today a museum and consists of nearly 300 year old buildings. These buildings give us a notion of what it was like  living on a rural farm during the 1700th century. There are guided tours daily during summer. It is a short 15 minute drive from Rosendal.


Malmanger Prestegard - Rosendal

Malmanger Vicarage dates back to year 1610 and is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Kvinnherad. The now restored vicarage is also an attraction of the Folgefonna National Park. To arrange guided tours, call +47 476 27 878


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